The Reelflexologist – Live
08 Jul 2013 | Celtic Rock

Keltic Trancefusion

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keltictrancefusionStrom 7 Incoming
Strom 7 Super Cell



Keltic Trancefusion Vol. 1 began as a spin off from Douglas McQueen Hunter’s album, Ghosts.

It was during the production of the second track of this album, Stormsurge, that the idea for a full album of keltic orientated trance was born.

The first track Strom 7 (Incoming) is a broken down extended version of Stormsurge, focusing on the movement and rhythm rather than melody, where as the last track Strom7 (Super cell) is an alternative full mix of Stormsurge for the finale.

The hypnotic second track Aberrance is based around a trance loop taken from the first track of Ghosts Colleen. It flows flawlessly from Strom 7 into the third track, Shadow.

Shadow, a haunting track, adapted from Harris Bikers and The Crossing, slowly builds up with nervous energy and unease into the powerful and emotive Lodestone , the most full on trance track on the album. Lodestone was taken from Wild fire.

Penultimate track Resonance is a chilled, emotional and euphoric remix of Kilchurn. All tracks were written by Douglas McQueen Hunter except Lodestone, written by Jeremy Stirling.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stuart Andrew Glasgow.

Produced by Stuart Andrew Glasgow, Douglas McQueen Hunter and Jeremy Stirling.