The Reelflexologist – Live
08 Jul 2013 | Celtic Rock


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dmh-ghosts1.  Colleen
2.  Stormsurge
3.  Badenoch
4.  Harris Bikers
5.  This Time of Year
6.  Kilchurn
7.  Macdhui
8.  The Crossing
9.  Wild Fire
10. Ghosts
11. Inverarnan
12. Distant Shores
13. Faith
14. Caledon


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Ghosts was originally to be released as the first album of the band Badenoch who’s debut EP Caledon was released in the year 2000.

However, after much thought it was decided in 2003 that Badenoch were to be disbanded and Douglas McQueen Hunter would record all the songs under his own name as a solo artist since nearly all the compositions and lyrics were his own.

Dougie wanted to produce his songs the way he thought they should be heard, not limited by trends or restraints, but utilising all the

technology, time and musical skill available to him.

The recording began late in 2003 with talented engineer Stuart A. Glasgow, and Dougies fellow Pict and musical partner Jeremy Stirling. What has been produced, is the combination of rock, trance, Celtic, folk and many other styles of music uniquely merged to create a polished and fresh sound which takes Celtic music to an exciting new place and much wider horizon, but never losing sight of it’s roots.

Colleen opens the music, probably the most contemporary sounding and rock orientated track on the album. Originally released on Badenoch’s Caledon EP. Colleen has been rerecorded and rebuilt from scratch. A love song about two people divided by Oceans, left only with their dreams.

Stormsurge The first instrumental on the album is a Celtic reel played by Dougie on guitar mixed to an epic trance track. Swirling sounds, hypnotic beats and heavy guitars capture the ears as the 4 minute introduction unfolds into the explosive main track. Just when you think it can’t get any more powerful wait for the extreme mayhem created when Keith Easdale (of Calasaig) comes in on the pipes. Each beat and note is carefully crafted and built to give maximum effect. Don’t drive with this one on. Variations of this track can be heard on the accompanying album to Ghosts- Keltic Trancefusion, Volume one.

There are four other instrumentals on the album, Harris Bikers, The Crossing, Wild Fire and Distant Shores.

Harris Bikers Written on the Island of Harris in the Outer Hebrides after, and to commemorate, Dougie and Jeremy cycling around the Island (Jeremy‘s idea! ). A beautiful and haunting, but painful trip that left them walking like cowboys for days after. The melody is played by Richard Smith (of The Picts) on accordion, a haunting mix, laid back and eerie, set to hip hop style rhythms. There are three parts to the melody, the first is the slog up hill. The second cycling on the flat and the last the relief of freewheeling back down hill.

The Crossing originally called Galway and remixed from the Caledon EP is the 8th track on the album. Dougie playing main melody on acoustic guitar and counter melody on mandolin is accompanied by Fionn MacArthur on fiddle. Jeremy plays counter melodies on piano.

Wild Fire was also renamed and remixed from the Caledon EP, originally called The Reel Miss Fit. Written by Jeremy, this track, although quite short, has an explosive, high energy, trance feel. The main melody is played on distortion fiddle and box by Fionn and Dougie Caird. A variation of this track called Loadstone can be heard on the accompanying album to Ghosts -Keltic Trancefusion, Volume one.

Distant Shores a beautiful slow haunting melody played on low whistle by Stevie Laurence (of Iron Horse fame) was written by Dougie sitting on a beach in southern California, no doubt dreaming of home.

The rest of the tracks on the album are songs.

Badenoch written about the infamous and feared Alexander Stewart, son of King Robert II of Scotland and brother to Robert III. He lived in the 14th century and was known as the Wolf of Badenoch. Set in the ruins of his castle of Lochindorb. A driving and powerful, yet ghostly song, with a rock trance sound.

This Time of Year a powerful rocky song, written after a camping trip on the west coast

Kilchurn is a haunting love song set in the ruins of Kilchurn Castle in Argyll. With a distinctly Celtic feel. Set with soft rhythmic loops and vast open miles.

MacDhui Inspired by childhood tales, a deep love for the mountains and later by a book written by Author Affleck Grey, The big grey man of Ben MacDhui . MacDhui is about the phenomenon that haunts the remote mountain in the Cairngorms. Stevie Laurence plays hurdy gurdy and Jeremy plays creepy whistle to give this track the appropriate feel. Incidentally, lots of spooky events haunted the recording of this song. Computers crashing, people feeling unwell, equipment breaking down, etc. Listening to it seems fine ‘though……So far.

Ghosts Title track of the album. It is really Kilchurn part II, the conclusion. A song of lost love and new love found. Sexy bass lines, slick drums and ethereal sounds.

Inverarnan The folk, sing-a-long song. Celebrating one of Dougies favourite walks- up the east shore of Loch Lomond from Balmaha to Inverarnan.

Faith A short tender parting song.

Caledon Originally title Track of the Caledon EP. Rerecorded and revamped. A song charting the demise of the once great forest of Caledon which covered much of Northern Scotland. Rock drums, guitars and intense programming. Unforgettable hook lines played by Stevie on low whistle and Keith on pipes. A real feast for the ears the track ends with Jeremy Stirling’s Jig Glen Falloch originally called The Tree Shanty Jig on the Caledon EP. Played by Richard on accordion, Celine Donoghue (of Calasaig) on fiddle and Keith on whistles.

Throughout Ghosts each track is smoothly linked to the next. The recording, production and musicianship is of the highest standard, the material of the highest quality and the arrangements flawless.